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Live Snake Plant

Live Snake Plant

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This live snake plant will add a refreshing touch to any room of your home- It is an established medium size plant  in a brown pot, neutral for any decor type. Easy to care for, snake plants thrive on neglect. 

They respond best to the lightest of watering and then just being left alone. That’s why we call them (almost) unkillable, making them a great beginner plant or ideal if you enjoy some green company around your busy schedule. 

Snake Plant Care:

  • Water fortnightly, or when the top two inches of soil feels dry 
  • More sunlight is better, but can live in almost any sunlight conditions.
  • Keep your snake plant in a warm spot, ideally above 10°C 
  • Repot in spring, if needed, using houseplant compost
  • Wipe the leaves once in a while with a clean, damp cloth
  • Feed with liquid fertilizer once a month in spring and summer


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